Prescribe, monitor and quantify stroke, brain & spinal cord injury rehabilitation sessions regardless of patient or therapist location

There are a number of solutions that allow healthcare professionals to deliver physical and cognitive therapy. However, the effectiveness of many of these suffer because they are only available in a single location.

Typically, the cost and physical size of the equipment means that therapy can only take place in specialised locations such as a clinic, not at the patient’s home.

Now, this barrier has been overcome with Rehametrics.



Someone using rehametrics in a clinic

Use in any location from clinic to home

Rehametrics is a virtual physical and cognitive therapy platform that enables clinicians to prescribe, monitor and quantify rehabilitation sessions regardless of patient or therapist location.

Using low-cost and easily accessible devices like the Kinect sensor for the Xbox One or touchscreen interfaces, it allows patients to quickly complete prescribed sessions. eliminating complex set-up procedures or the need for keyboards, mice or joysticks to complete exercises.

It can be used on-premises or to deliver rehabilitation sessions remotely- in hospitals, clinics, care homes or at the patient’s home.


Who can use Rehametrics

Rehametrics can be used by anyone suffering from health conditions that require monitored physical or cognitive therapy, including:

  • Neurological conditions – head injury
  • Musculo-skeletal injuries
  • Prevention & active ageing
  • Chronic health conditions

All exercises focus on recovering impaired function, regardless of the condition that caused the impairment.

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Increased patient engagement

Rehametrics uses virtual reality and gamification to create engaging exercises. In this way, it increases patient motivation to stick to their treatment plans, resulting in improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Improved session quantification

Every session completed with Rehametrics will automatically generate a detailed report showing patient performance in terms of a detailed motion analysis, response times and successfully completed attempts. All sessions will also be recorded and available to be viewed when needed.

Advanced patient management

Using Rehametrics, healthcare professionals can design comprehensive rehabilitation treatment plans for their patients. Rehametrics will run scheduled exercises, quantifying session performance and collecting and storing session data.

Clinicians can:

  • Modify prescribed sessions – locally or remotely- changing the exercise mix or session duration
  • Modify personalisation options or change exercise difficulty according to patient evolution.

Session data, which will be automatically collected while patients complete prescribed exercises, can be used by clinicians to analyse patient evolution objectively, improving rehabilitation outcomes and treatment efficiency.

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