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Hunters Moor Rehabilitation centre, part of the Christchurch Group, have just received a Restorative Therapies RT300-SL functional electrical stimulation (FES) bike to add to their expanding range of rehabilitation equipment.

Hunters Moor offers specialist neuro-behavioural, neurological spinal injury rehabilitation from their dedicated centre near Birmingham. They are aiming to use the RT300-SL as an adjunct therapy in a range of neurological conditions including, traumatic brain injury, stroke and spinal cord injury (SCI).

FES is a proven active rehabilitation technique that uses low energy electrical pulses and has been found to be effective in restoring voluntary functions. These pulses artificially generate body movements in individuals who have been paralysed, due to central nervous system injury.

More specifically, FES can be used to generate muscle contraction in otherwise paralysed limbs. Functions such as grasping, walking, bladder voiding and standing can potentially be improved with FES.

Hunters Moor Rehab centre

FES cycling

The RT300-SL provides FES cycling for legs. It is a compact and portable system that is easy to set up and convenient to use for wheelchair users as no transfer is required. Other features include:

  • Height adjustable platform facilitates correct ergonomic setup
  • Adjustable calf supports secure the legs while the feet are placed in the footrests
  • Wheelchair restraints hold the wheelchair securely in position during therapy sessions

It can be used to exercise both lower extremity and trunk muscles and, when recovering from a brain injury, is particularly beneficial in:

  1. Increasing lower limb repetition to that all important 1000 reps per day
  2. Increasing lower limb strength through combined electrical stimulation and resistance training
  3. Increasing neural regeneration by proving neuromuscular excitation within a functional activity
  4. Increasing the intensity of therapy prescription

To find out more about how FES cycling can be used within your rehabilitation clinic, fill out the form below, or call us on 0800 180 4850.