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For greater comfort and independence

Loopwheels are designed to help you push over uneven surfaces (streets, cobbles, grass, rough tracks, gravel paths), with little effort. The composite springs give you extra power to get up or down kerbs. Loopwheels are more comfortable than standard wheels, because they absorb vibration, bumps and shocks. They naturally adjust to uneven camber – the slope on the side of a road. With standard quick release axles and two sizes (24″ and 25″), loopwheels fit most manual wheelchairs.

How do they work?

The integral suspension in loopwheels constantly adjusts to smooth out uneven terrain, and the carbon composite springs absorb vibration, which can be tiring. The result is reduced jolting and vibration, which makes for a more comfortable experience than standard wheels.

Loopwheels have been proven to reduce vibration by up to 76%

Easier to use

Loopwheels require less physical effort. They are easier to push over uneven surfaces, including curbs. Loopwheels are specially designed to cope with bumpy ground, and are great on smooth surfaces.

More fun and incredibly stylish!

Loopwheels are ideal with hand bikes, electric wheel attachments and other motorised aids. You’ll really appreciate the benefits of Loopwheel suspension when you’re travelling quickly over rough ground. They are a slick, stylish design and are available in a variety of colours.


Superior Handrim Grip – Feel the Difference

BBraver’s focus on ergonomic design and innovative functionality, has resulted in a handrim that delivers superior handhold, consistent grip and optimal comfort. Cyclone are delighted to introduce the BBraver range and are proud to be their exclusive UK distributor.

BBraver’s handrim covers are antistatic, odourless and UV-resistant. Your new handrims : –

  •        allow you to propel yourself with bare hands without discomfort,
  •        ensure all weather comfort and grip,
  •        are approved by the FDA and are safe for your skin



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