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Portable, Multi-Channel FES Therapy System

Xcite Functional Electrical Stimulation, (FES), clinical station is a portable, multi-channel FES therapy system. It is easy to use and has pre-programmed activity libraries that deliver sequenced stimulation through up to 12 stimulation channels. Xcite helps patients perform task specific, strengthening and gross motor activities.

Xcite FES evokes co-ordinated muscle contractions in upper extremity, lower extremity and core muscle groups. With this multi-channel FES therapy system, activities are easily integrated into conventional Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy programs. It can be used in the clinic or at home with a wide range of patient indications, providing a continuity of care.

Xcite FES clinical station includes:

A battery powered stimulator with up to 12 channels of FES. It can be used in or away from its therapy cart, with or without mains power. It also comes with a mobile therapy cart that holds electrodes, cables and accessories. The Xcite stimulator attaches magnetically when placed on the cart for added stability.

Xcite is indicated for general rehabilitation

  •         Neuromuscular re-education
  •         Post-surgical stimulation to prevent venous thrombosis
  •         Prevent or delay in disuse atrophy
  •         Improve local circulation
  •         Maintain or increase range of motion
  •         Relax muscle spasms

Role of Xcite

Nothing else on the market compares to Xcite and the individual programs that can be created. This device allows users to work on precise fine motor control and dexterity, while providing Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, (FES). The repetitive practise of task specific strengthening has long been the cornerstone of PT and OT rehabilitation programs, for patients with neurological impairments or muscle weakness. Xcite is designed to be easily integrated into these traditional programs and supports neuromuscular re-education by:

  •         enhancing active muscle contractions
  •         Promoting the completion of fluid, natural movements
  •         Providing feedback to you and your patient
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