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GTM Multisport

GTM Multisport

Jaguar Following years of research into high specification thin walled, aerospace tubing, GTM has managed to break all records to produce this ultra-lightweight aluminium wheelchair, the GTM Jaguar. GTM, who are renowned for high specification tailor made wheelchairs,...

OffCarr EOS3

OffCarr EOS 3 Folding Wheelchair The compact, ultra lightweight folding wheelchair Offcarr EOS3 has a hinged front titanium frame making it portable, neat and compact. The additional hinge enables the user to stow the chair away, even when space is limited; it even...

Offcarr Venus Adventure

OffCarr Venus Adventure The Offcarr Venus Adventure is designed to meet the needs of active users and offers an extensive range of adjustments and optional accessories; for example, the new shock absorber. The fixed titanium frame provides favourable strength to mass...

GTM Shock Absorber

GTM Shock Absorber The new GTM Shock Absorber allows you to confidently move across the roughest of terrains without damaging yourself or your wheelchair. It’s perfect for those who experience discomfort when travelling over bumpy surfaces. Shock Absorbing Wheelchair...