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Unit 20 Heron Industrial Estate
Widnes, WA8 0SW

Main Office Number

Available 10am – 4pm

Monday – Friday

0800 180 4850

Aerobility is run largely by disabled aviators, for disabled people. Setup 25 years ago, they now have a fleet of 5 aircraft with a head office at Blackbushe, Camberley, complete with a dedicated classroom and shop. They have developed aircraft adaptations, hoisting techniques and other solutions to make sure flying is fully accessible for disabled people. Not everyone can go on to hold a licence, but everyone can fly as long as they can move something!

Broad range of services offered

Using their fleet of aircraft, as well as a fixed-base simulator and briefing facilities, they are able to offer the following services and activities:

  • Trial flights – ideal way to introduce yourself to the world of flying
  • Flight training – work towards your Pilot’s license and beyond
  • Aircraft hire – available to disabled pilots with the necessary qualifications
  • Groundschool – lessons and examination facilities
  • Flying days – for disability groups around the UK at many airfields
  • Simulator sessions – used for training exercises and introductory sessions
  • Mobile simulator sessions – brought to your community group
  • Aviation experience sessions – instructed simulator flights, model making and aircraft tours
  • Aviation club – provides transferable skills for young people with disabilities
  • Winter aviation evenings – 2-hour sessions with a guest speaker, Q&A and refreshments

Expansion across the UK

Aerobility try to be as inclusive as possible, providing for the whole spectrum of disability and impairment, including: mobility issues, learning difficulties and sensory problems, through to neurological disorders and amputation – and all points in between. They’ve probably come across your impairment before and will have a strategy which will allow you to fly.

The majority of Aerobility flights take off from Blackbushe Airport. They are considering offering regular flying days from both Scotland (Perth) and North West England (Merseyside), but need to know if there are people who are keen to fly in these areas.

So, if you are disabled and keen on learning to fly, let Aerobility know, so that they can better plan to increase the coverage of their services across the UK.

Get in touch with Aerobility

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