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0800 180 4850

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07494 891059


Aria 1.0

Aria 1.0 Magnesium Lightweight Wheelchair Aria’s super-lightweight adjustable wheelchair with magnesium alloy frame The Aria 1.0 is a 100% manually assembled product and is the result of a blend of research, technique, carefully sourced materials, functionality...

Offcarr EOS

OffCarr EOS The Offcarr EOS is designed to make you look good and feel confident, which is why Offcarr offer super customisable and avant-garde products, complete with a range of adjustments and accessories. The combination of research, innovation and high-quality...

GTM Jaguar

GTM Jaguar Ultra-lightweight Wheelchair Following years of research into premium specification, thin walled, aerospace tubing, GTM has managed to break all records to produce this ultra-lightweight aluminium wheelchair, the GTM Jaguar. TM have pushed the boundaries...

GTM Endeavour

GTM Endeavour The wheelchair of choice for Cyclone Mobility founder, Stuart Dunne. The GTM Endeavour wheelchair is the unique combination of lightweight, durable and bespoke – it’s perfect. Like the Mustang, the Endeavour is as stylish as it is robust, and it’s even...