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The Quadrix all terrain wheelchair is an exhilarating piece of kit that allows you to enjoy the countryside again and get back to places you thought were inaccessible for ever. But, it is the details that go into the Quadrix, that we believe make it so different from other all terrain wheelchairs. These details are best summed up in three categories: technology, comfort and customisation

High-performance technology

All Quadrix models use mountain bike technology to obtain optimum stability and safety:

  • Suspension – independent suspension, via adjustable shock absorbers that control the compression and rebound
  • Powerful braking system – all Quadrix models (with the exception of the Axess) are equipped with four hydraulic disc brakes with equaliser
  • All-terrain capacities – enabled by the high ground clearance and the excellent grip of the mountain bike suspension and wheels. The centre of gravity is lowered to maintain good stability in slopes. For the electric models, the high-powered motors and speed management make it possible to climb over obstacles easily.

Optimum Comfort

The optimum comfort of the cockpit and seating area has been made possible by an extensive ergonomic study and many field tests to produce the end result. This covers:

  • Several seating options: Rally-style bucket seat – this very comfortable standard option keeps the upper part of the body closely strapped in with a four-point harness. Also, an optional articulated composite seat.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable driving position – Sliding, adjustable-tilt seat allows for the seat to be adjusted in length, like car seats. Additionally, it allows for a legs stretched-out position and an adjustable-tilt seat back
  • High-performance long-travel suspension – adjustable according to the user’s weight


Each all terrain Quadrix model can be customised with a variety of options, including:

  • Transfer seat – enables easy and safe transfer from your wheelchair to the Quadrix
  • Bike rack – rear mounted with optional rails to allow you to easily transport your Quadrix
  • Tetra handle – allow steering and braking with a simple twist of the wrist
  • Hemi bar – enables all the controls to be managed with one hand
  • Roll bar with ears – additional safety feature

Please note, that not all of the above options are available for all Quadrix models. Please check for details.

To experience for yourself the sheer exhilaration you enjoy when in an all terrain Quadrix wheelchair, why not give us a call on 0800 180 4850, to arrange a demo, or fill out the form below.