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Everybody wants the stylish and most up-to-date technology in their life. Whether it is a Smartphone or car, you don’t want something that looks like it was designed in the last century and built using cheap, heavy and old-fashioned materials.

We all now expect this as a right and if we don’t get it we vote with our money and buy the products that meet these expectations. So, if we demand this for things like consumer technology, why should the disabled not be the same when it comes to something as important as a wheelchair?

Care and attention

For too long wheelchair users have had to put up with boxy looking designs made from heavy and outdated materials. Now fortunately, things are changing and companies like Aria from Italy are giving wheelchair users the choice, beautiful design and high-quality build that would be expected from a Smartphone or car.

In 2014 Marco Paolucci and Stefano Esposito, both industrial designers, decide to merge their different competences, experience and passion to meet a common target. This was to create mobility products with high design and construction standards.

They started developing their chairs by presuming that mobility is a right everyone should equally be able to benefit from. Mobility products, regardless of whom the final user is, deserve the same care and attention during the project phase as well as in the aesthetic and technological research phases. No difference should exist between products for people with normal abilities and products for those with diversified abilities.

Magnesium alloy construction

As a result, Aria Wheels focus on satisfying people’s needs. They believe that high quality products make the difference in terms of quality of life. This represents the guideline for each and every Aria product.

The Aria 1.0 is a prime example of this philosophy. Constructed from magnesium alloy makes it ultra-lightweight plus it delivers excellent fatigue resistance, denting and buckling resistance and the highest known damping capacity of any structural metal.

Coupled with this industrial strength construction, the beautiful sweeping cantilever design, in a choice of vivid colours, makes it a chair that stands out from the crowd and makes you want to own.

Find out more about the Aria 1.0 and other Aria wheelchairs.