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Earlier this year we posted a blog on Facebook about why, we believe, a Batec is better choice for a wheelchair electric hand cycle than the Rio Firefly. This caused quite a lot of comment, most of it positive from Batec users, but also some a little negative around the cost of a Batec.

In this post we wanted to follow up on this discussion and give some facts and our thoughts and feedback from real Batec users – not just people making knee-jerk reactions.

Highly reliable product

We don’t deny that the Batec is a more expensive product than most on the market. But at Cyclone we know, both from our personal experience (as a good part of our team here are disabled) and from the more than 3,000 people who have been using Batec around the world for several years now, that it is a highly reliable product

Batec users normally use their attachment every day, for long periods of time (up to several hours) and because of their disabilities, often handle the Batec somewhat roughly when moving it, for example in and out of their car.

So, in designing and manufacturing the Batec its founder Pau Bach (who like a large proportion of his team at Batec is also disabled) have always selected the best components, with the highest quality and most reliability. This means, that Batec can give users what they need – a highly reliable, robust and life-changing wheelchair attachment.

Try before you buy

However, as we know, doing this requires significant investment and is subsequently represented in the final price. What’s more a Batec is not something you buy off-the-shelf from Amazon. We make sure that anyone interested in the Batec can try the product themselves, if necessary at home, and see, first hand, how useful it can be in their daily life.

So yes, the Batec is a more expensive option but the reliability and life-changing capabilities of it when compared to other cheaper products obviously outweighs this in most peoples’ eyes.

Like with anything in life – you get what you pay for.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“The Batec Electric bike is possibly the most life transforming piece of equipment that I have come across as a wheelchair user.”

Sophie Morgan – TV presenter and reporter

“Lots of people asking about the attachment on the front of my chair I often use on Countryfile… it gets me across rougher, steeper and wetter terrain than I could get across without it that’s for sure.”

Steve Brown – Presenter Countryfile

“I’m grinning so much, the top of my head’s fallen off. What a cracking bit of kit. Total life changer!”

Allan Richie – World Cup Winner, Para Trap Shooting

“I’d choose my Batec over my car! I use it every day, yep crazy expensive and I took ages to convince myself to shell out but for the use I get from it, it’s been an absolute bargain!

Mark Swift