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We are often asked by potential customers why they should choose a Batec over the Rio Firefly, as to most people they look to provide the same experience. However, looks are deceptive and it is in the actual day-to-day use of both units that the difference becomes apparent and the advantages of the Batec really shine through. So, let’s look at the major differences in a little more detail.

Superior docking system

The first major difference is in the docking system. All Batecs are fitted with a stand that doubles up as a mudguard that protects the user from mud and other debris that is thrown up on non-tarmac paths. The Firefly does not provide this protection, meaning that on wet or muddy ground you are going to get soaked and filthy.

Apart from this all Batecs have a patented and fully adjustable docking system. This makes it easier to fit, than the Firefly, for those with lesser mobility. Also, it enables the handlebars to be adjusted to the correct height for each user, to ensure that turning the front wheel is exactly the same as on a bicycle or motor bike. The limited adjustment of the Firefly means that the handlebars are not in this position meaning turning them is not as natural as for a Batec.

Specifically designed batteries

All Batecs come with batteries that have been designed specifically for them, as opposed to using a standard battery from some other device. This impacts the performance of the two units quite significantly.

Firstly, the range of the Rio is around 25km, whereas for the Batec this is 40km for the 522wh battery, rising to 43km for 554wh one. Secondly, is the speed. The Firefly is limited to 8mph but can reach 12.5mph with the limiter removed. The standard Batec’s top speed is 14.6mph whilst the Rapid reaches 20mph.

One final point, there is a growing market in second-hand Batecs that are 2-3-years old. This is down to their reliability and resilience. We are not aware of such a market for the Rio Firefly.

In summary, whether it’s ease-of-docking, protection from the elements, manoeuvrability, range or speed, the Batec range outperforms the Rio Firefly on every point.

So, if you are looking to motorise your wheelchair why not give us a call today, or fill in the form below, and arrange your free-of-charge Batec home demo.

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