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Firefighters Charity, Spinal Cord Injury (SPI) Week Event. Supporting ex-firefighters with spinal cord injuries

The Firefighters Charity organises a Spinal Cord Injury Week event – supporting ex-firefighters with spinal cord injuries

Team Cyclone were invited over demonstrate life-changing equipment.

The Firefighters Charity supports over 5,000 beneficiaries a year through a broad range of services, from rehabilitation to recuperation and many more. They organised their first Spinal Cord Injury Week event, dedicated to helping ex-firefighters adjust to life with a spinal cord injury.

Team Cyclone were invited along to join in and demonstrate some life-changing equipment used to inspire and empower those with SCI’s, to achieve a full and active life. We took our Batec range of handbikes and some Restorative Therapies FES Bikes to show attendees exactly how Cyclone’s solutions change people’s lives, for the better.

Cyclone’s FES expert’s

Cyclone’s advisors Alex Toon  and Mark Eccleston demonstrated the features and discussed the mental and physical well-being benefits of FES bikes. Alex explained that FES cycling helps users maintain an on-going level of moderate or strenuous activity, which in turn helps improves general health. Delegates were advised that as well as maximising a range of motion, FES can help individuals gain independence and control, prevent or even reversing muscle atrophy, reduce muscle spasms and improve circulation.

 Louise Cannon commented on the BatecFirefighters charity event. Cyclone took our Batec range of handbikes to demonstrate the freedom and versatility of Batec electric attachements

Everyone enjoyed a tour of the Jubilee House grounds before visiting some beautiful and picturesque Cumbrian sites.  Louise Cannon, one of the Physiotherapists who organised the event, commented on the versatility and freedom that the Batec range offered,

“Seeing people use those machines, its unquantifiable when you see somebody’s face, when they have always relied on maybe being pushed somewhere or they are under somebody else’s volition. If you can’t go somewhere because of the terrain and you can’t go somewhere because you couldn’t self-push for that long; what would happen if I was on my own? When you see the freedom that something like that offers, it can’t actually be measured.”

We would like to thank Louise and everyone at the Firefighters Charity for a great week, and hope we are invited back next year!


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