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A wheelchair is a vital piece of equipment that gives the user increased independence and improved quality of life. For most wheelchair users they are likely to be in it most of their waking lives. Bearing this in mind you would think that the chair would be tailored to meet their exact measurements and lifestyle to ensure maximum comfort and minimum effort to operate it.

Sadly, in many cases this is simply does not happen. We see so many instances of people being given an off-the-shelf chair that not only does not fit them but is completely inappropriate for their lifestyle. This quickly leads to disillusionment and subsequent health problems.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way nowadays as many wheelchair manufacturers offer bespoke manufacturing that takes into account your individual requirements and vital statistics.

Highly mobile wheelchairs with near-effortless operation

A good example of this modern and forward-thinking type of manufacturer is GTM from Poland. For them production begins when the new user’s measurements are taken at the first consultation. Everything from back rest height to width of the seat is considered and measured before production of your GTM wheelchair begins.

Then, with all components being of the lightest and highest quality, this ensures that the resulting wheelchair is highly mobile with near-effortless operation and very comfortable. The GTM wheelchair range includes:

  • Jaguar – ultra-lightweight, high-quality aviation aluminium box frame
  • Mustang – entry level chair, ideal for busy and active users
  • Shock Absorber – built-in oil & gas shock absorber makes it great for rough terrain
  • Hammer– reinforced seat base for more generously built users
  • Endeavour – lightweight, robust and stylish cantilever framed wheelchair

GTM also manufactures an extensive range of sports wheelchairs for everything from basketball to rugby and tennis to fencing. They also produce the GTM Multisport, an adjustable chair specifically designed for sports clubs, schools and beginners that can be used for many different types of sports.

To find out more about the GTM wheelchair range, click here.

Or, to arrange you no-obligation home demo of GTM wheelchairs, give us a call on 0800 180 4850, or fill out the form below.