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RT200 FES Bike Hybrid FES System – Exercises Arms and Legs Simultaneously RT200 is a seated motorised FES elliptical and is suitable for a wide range of patients. It can be prescribed for home use to maintain continuity of care for patients who require long term...

Equalizer 6000

Equalizer 6000 Multi Gym Effective, compact multi-gyms made from Heavy-Duty Steel Designed by a paraplegic, the Equalizer 6000 Multi Gym is one of the simplest, yet most effective multi-gyms in the world. It offers the same functionality as a standard gym for both...
Batec Hybrid

Batec Hybrid

Batec Hybrid The BATEC HYBRID handbike is our add-on handbike with electric assist that lets you do healthy physical exercise without giving up your manual wheelchair. The BATEC HYBRID add-on handbike brings together in a single product the technology of the BATEC...