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One of the most rewarding things about being the sole UK distributor of the Batec range of electrical wheelchair handbikes is seeing how such life-changing technology improves the lives of the people who buy one.

From basic tasks, like being able to go to the shops without all the hassle of dissembling and reassembling your wheelchair in and out of the car – twice! To being able to go out and keep up with the kids on their bikes and enjoy activities that you took for granted before, the increase in independence it provides is totally life-changing.

Don’t take our word for it

It’s not just us saying this, this is direct feedback from people who are using this life-changing technology.

Sophie Gregson – TV presenter

“The Batec is possibly the most life transforming piece of equipment that I have come across as a user. I live and work in London and so everyday, I clip the Batec on to my chair – in seconds – and zip off to catch the tube (the accessible stations!), the bus or simply cruise along in the bike lanes all around town.

“When I get where I’m going, be it work, shopping, the gym, a park, a restaurant, a bar or club – I simply detach it and carry on as normal! Even users with very severe disabilities can disconnect and connect the Batec autonomously.”

Bethany Louise Irwin

 “I can’t stress this enough, if you are looking for the first in the line of the next generation of wheelchair add on drive systems that will deal with all aspects of city life, country life, uphill, downhill, pavement, path, mud, (you name it, it will conquer it), a Batec is for you, and enjoy those looks of amazement from children and adults as you roll by who are obviously mentally adding a Batec to their Christmas lists regardless of their ability!

“From now on, it’s a Batec life for me!”

Darren Jones

 “I am absolutely made up! for the first time in six years I went off by myself to drop off a Parcel at the shops and went for a blast… It’s giving me so much freedom and independence I couldn’t be happier.”

Allan Ritchie, Gold Medal Paralympian

 “I’m grinning so much, the top of my head’s fallen off. What a cracking bit of kit. Total life changer.”


So, why not arrange your no-obligation home demo of Batec’s life-changing technology today by calling 0800 180 4850 or filling in the form below.