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Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories

Loopwheels For greater comfort and independence Loopwheels are designed to help you push over uneven streets, cobbles, grass, rough tracks and gravel paths, with less effort. The composite springs give you extra power to get up or down kerbs. Loopwheels are more...

Offcarr EOS

OffCarr EOS The Offcarr EOS is designed to make you look good and feel confident, which is why Offcarr offer super customisable and avant-garde products, complete with a range of adjustments and accessories. Lightweight Titanium Wheelchair The combination of research,...

Offcarr Quasar

OffCarr Quasar Lightweight Wheelchair Offcarr Quasar’s titanium frame weighs just 4kgs, it’s one of the lightest closed frame wheelchairs in its range. Extremely dynamic and agile, it excels in performance, as well as being durable and luxurious in both style and...

Offcarr Idra 2.0

OffCarr Idra 2.0 If you are an active wheelchair user looking for a sleek, robust, fun, lightweight wheelchair, then the Offcarr Idra 2.0 is perfect for you! With its aluminium rigid frame, the Idra 2.0 is robust yet lightweight in design. With an extensive range of...