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OffCarr EOS3

OffCarr EOS 3 Folding Wheelchair The compact, ultra lightweight folding wheelchair Offcarr EOS3 has a hinged front titanium frame making it portable, neat and compact. The additional hinge enables the user to stow the chair away, even when space is limited; it even...

Offcarr Venus Adventure

OffCarr Venus Adventure The Offcarr Venus Adventure is designed to meet the needs of active users and offers an extensive range of adjustments and optional accessories; for example, the new shock absorber. The fixed titanium frame provides favourable strength to mass...
Offcarr Zodiac

Offcarr Zodiac

Zodiac The Offcarr Zodiac has been built to be a lightweight, solid, agile and reliable wheelchair. The frame is highly personalised and tailored to the user’s needs using ultra-resistant lightweight materials. The design and attention to detail really bring out the...