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Just because you are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you did before. Technology is making more things possible every day and the Quadrix range of all terrain wheelchairs is a prime example of this.

First created in 2006, they were designed from the outset as all terrain wheelchairs that could be used to practise mountain sports. With silent and powerful motors driving the back wheels, you can enjoy outings all year round. On your own, with friends on quiet paths or on mountain trails – the choice is yours.

Get to places you thought were gone for ever

Take the case of Cyclone customer Pete Lau. Five years ago he went on a memorable 35km mountain bike ride with his friends round Skiddaw in the Lake District. However, after he was involved in a mountain bike accident in 2014, being in a wheelchair meant that he could not enjoy a lot of the routes he had been on before.

Or so he thought! When we introduced him to the Quadrix, he was able to join his friends on the Skiddaw route again. Check out his route. After, he said, “21 miles of smiling, I got air on more than a few occasions and did a route I could only dream of since becoming a wheelchair user.”

Check out the Quadrix all terrain wheelchair range

You can see the Quadrix in action when we took them to Delamere Forest last year.

There are 4 models in the range, 2 electric and 2 gravity-powered:

  • Quadrix Axess – dual motors, for touring & hill riding with 2 forward and 2 reverse gears
  • Quadrix Watts – dual motors, great for hill climbing with high starting torque
  • Quadrix Ibex – gravity powered all-terrain wheelchair, great for downhill riding
  • Quadrix Hands – gravity powered, all-terrain wheelchair designed for ski slopes

So, what are you waiting for? Regain your independence and that feeling of exhilaration again!

Find out more about the Quadrix all terrain wheelchair range

Give us a call on 0800 180 4850 or fill out the form below if you would like to arrange a demo of the Quadrix all terrain wheelchairs.