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With 8 Batec wheelchair attachments to choose from, knowing which one is right for you can look like a tricky choice. So, this blog article has been put together after talking to our mobility advisors, to give you some comparison between the models, and make your choice easier.

The Urban

This is the entry level electric Batec wheelchair attachment and is great for use in built-up environments. It comes with 2 speed levels. If your use is primarily urban, then this Batec is perfect for you as it doesn’t have the traction of the Electric or the speed of the Rapid.

The Mini

The Mini is the most compact of the Batec wheelchair attachment range. With a smaller wheel (16” compared to 20” for the other Batecs) it is perfect for negotiating tight spaces and great for holidays, day trips and weekends away. Despite its small size it does not compromise on the famed Batec quality. With 3 speed settings, a reverse gear, horn and front & rear lights it could not be easier to use.

The Electric

The Electric was the original Batec wheelchair attachment. It offers better traction than the Urban and the Mini allowing you to go off paved areas and travel across rough ground like grass and the beach. With 5 speeds and a range of up to 50km (with the 522wh battery), the Batec Electric gives you more independence and the capability visit more places.

The Electric 2

Incorporating the many technological advances that Batec have made since the launch of the original model back in 2008, the Electric 2 now boasts a reverse gear to improve manoeuvrability in tight situations, an all-in-one LCD information screen and an 18” wheel with a wider and ultra-grip exclusive tyre. With a maximum speed of 23 km/h, the Electric 2 is perfect for both the city and off-road countryside travel. It is also perfect for motoring up hills with its new and exclusive ultra-grip tyre, which can be supplemented by additional clip-on weights, to further increase grip.

The Rapid

The Batec Rapid is designed for speed lovers with a top speed of 30 km/h. It offers all the features and the traction of the electric, allowing you to go off road on forest trails, beaches and countryside walking trials. With double hydraulic disk brakes and carbon fibre handlebars, the Rapid is available in Kawasaki green or Graphite Silver.

The Scrambler

This Limited-Edition model is the most powerful Batec yet. It has a 1300W motor coupled with an exclusive 696 WH battery, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 28 km/h. The additional torque provided by this engine will enable it to more easily climb hills, giving you the speed of the Batec Rapid combined with the hill-climbing of the Batec Electric.

The Scrambler is also equipped with a 19” ultra-wide wheel, the stand frame has built-in suspension, allowing it to hinge upwards whenever it encounters an obstacle. This helps prevent damage to the stand and the coupling.

The Hybrid

The Hybrid brings together the technology of the Batec Electric and Batec Manual handbikes into one electrically assisted add-on. It gives you the independence and speed of the Electric whilst allowing you to enjoy healthy physical exercise without needing to detach the handbike.

Remember as well, that all Batecs are available in Quad versions for tetraplegics.

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